ADFG General regulations for Sitka, Alaska

ADFG sets the rules on state-managed fisheries in Alaska like salmon, while species like halibut are federally managed and the rules for that species are set forth by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council with input from the International Pacific Halibut Commission. NOAA Fisheries is responsible for implementing and enforcing these regulations.

adfgIn 2022, anglers were faced with the following regulations on a guided saltwater fishing trip:

  • King salmon under 28 inches must be released. From 1/1/22 to 7/31/22, anglers could retain one per day over 28 inches. Nonresident anglers must record their catch on a harvest record and are restricted to one king per year. Resident anglers can keep one per day, no annual limit. From 8/1/22 to 8/31/22, nonresident anglers had to release all kings. Bag, possession, annual and size limits will be available early spring after ADF&G completes the stock assessment.
  • Anglers can keep six coho per day, no size limit.
  • Anglers can keep six pink salmon per day of any size.
  • Black cod limit is four per day; nonresidents can keep eight per year and a harvest record is required.
  • Lingcod season opened 5/16/22 and closes 11/30/22. Alaska residents can keep one per day of any size. Nonresidents can keep one per day, two per year, one must be between 30- and 40 inches and the other one over 55 inches. A harvest record is required.
  • Halibut slot limits will be determined by early spring.
  • Anglers can keep five Pelagic rockfish per day with no size limit. Pelagic rockfish include Black, Blue, Dark, Dusky, Widow and Yellowtail.
  • Demersal shelf rockfish (Nonpelagic) must be released. These include Canary, China, Copper, Quillback, Rosethorn, Tiger and Yelloweye. ADFG asserts that all rockfish not retained must be released at the depth they were caught or 100 feet, whichever is shallower.
  • Slope rockfish (Nonpelagic) can be retained, one per day of any size. These rockfish species include: Blackgill, Blackspotted, Bocaccio, Brown, Chilipepper, Darkblotched, Greenstriped, Harlequin, Northern, Pacific Ocean Perch, Puget Sound, Pygmy, Redstripe, Redbanded, Rougheye, Sharpchin, Shortbelly, Shortraker, Silvergray, Splitnose, Stripetail, Vermilion, and Yellowmouth.

Alaska Fishing License
In 2022 ADFG licenses and king salmon stamps cost the following:

  • Resident annual sport fishing license: $20
  • Nonresident 1-day sport fishing license: $15
  • Nonresident 3-day sport fishing license: $30
  • Nonresident 7-day sport fishing license: $45
  • Nonresident 14-day sport fishing license: $75
  • Nonresident annual sport fishing license: $100
  • Resident annual king salmon stamp: $10
  • Nonresident 1-day king salmon stamp: $15
  • Nonresident 3-day king salmon stamp: $30
  • Nonresident 7-day king salmon stamp: $45
  • Nonresident 14-day king salmon stamp: $75
  • Nonresident annual king salmon stamp: $100

Licenses and king stamps can be purchased online at ADFG or at many major retailers in Alaska.