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Welcome, we are glad you found us! You must be looking for a saltwater fishing trip to Sitka and we are happy to share why North Pacific Saltwater is the fishing charter company to fish with next season. Not only is Captain Jon Martin an excellent fisherman, he possesses a plethora of local knowledge and interesting facts that he enjoys sharing. Inquisitive people will enjoy this trip all the more. In addition to great company, Captain Jon takes safety seriously and also pride of ownership that is shown in a clean, and comfortable fishing vessel and quality, technique-specific fishing gear.

Are you ready for some fun?!

At North Pacific Saltwater we give credence to these statutes as the basis of our business philosophy.

  • Plan to have fun! When you come equipped with a good attitude and a desire to enjoy yourself no matter what life throws your way, you are our kind of people and we are sure to have a great time.
  • We are mooching maniacs! In what can only be described as “Mooch Madness” we will employ a mooching technique for salmon. Our clients love this hands-on style of fishing where anglers take a more active roll in catching.
  • We are family oriented. We have a close family and we take pride in making sure your friends and family create great memories with us.
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Sitka, Alaska Fishing is Simply Amazing

Sitka, Alaska fishing can best be described with just one word: Amazing.
The reason is simple: Location.

Sitka is at “ground zero,” the epicenter of West Coast salmon, halibut and bottomfishing. Fishing here is astonishingly productive and North Pacific Saltwater is ready to serve up a great time and outstanding fishing.

Robust saltwater kings, hefty halibut fillets, succulent bottomfish and more will fill your fish box when return home after a trip that leaves you feeling renewed and inspired, as the Alaska outdoors tends to provide. The Sitka landscape is one of the most stunning around with deep blue water as the front yard to this pretty seaside town and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. Sitka has that local Alaska feel, rich in both history and friendly locals.

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Sitka Fishing Blog

Sitka Alaska Halibut Fishing

August 4, 2023|

Sitka Alaska halibut fishing is fun, productive, and predictable. The saltwater around Sitka holds baitfish, salmon, greenling, cod, etc….much of the nutrition that keeps a well fed halibut happy. Halibut fishing this summer has been very good. The halibut are thick and strong, indicating an ocean brimming with food. Techniques for success One of our goals at North Pacific Saltwater is to help you catch halibut. These large flatfish, which can easily exceed 50 pounds, are opportunistic feeders. They will eat all manner of bait, and respond very favorably to lures that are jigged up and down in their vicinity. Once hooked, a halibut will pull surprisingly hard. In order to bring the [Read More]

Sitka Alaska Fishing Charters

July 12, 2023|

Sitka Alaska fishing charters are special opportunities to catch a wide range of hard-fighting Alaska saltwater game fish. These species include halibut, lingcod, multiple kinds of rockfish, silver salmon, king salmon and black cod. Not only are these fish species all unique and great fun to catch, but each is delicious to eat, and the spectrum of species provides a wide range of options for those with a culinary inclination. Sitka's Location Sitka Alaska fishing charters are among the best places in Alaska to intercept salmon species. Because of Sitka’s location, centrally located on the Southeast Panhandle, on the outside coast, Sitka is in prime position to reach pass by salmon stocks whose natal [Read More]

Alaska Charter Fishing

May 9, 2023|

Alaska charter fishing in Sitka Alaska with NPS Charters is more than just a trip into the fertile salt waters to target multiple species of hard fighting and great tasting fish. Captain Jon Martin was raised in Sitka and lives there year-round with his wife and daughters. When he’s not guiding anglers on saltwater charters, he’s a hunting guide and biology professor at the University of Alaska. Jon loves the outdoor lifestyle and his deep knowledge base of the area and passion to share it with others makes him a fun and interesting guy to fish with. An Experienced Captain Catching fish is what it’s all about, and Captain Jon will teach you how [Read More]

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