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Sitka Fishing Blog

by North Pacific Saltwater

Sitka Alaska Halibut Fishing

August 4, 2023|

Sitka Alaska halibut fishing is fun, productive, and predictable. The saltwater around Sitka holds baitfish, salmon, greenling, cod, etc….much of the nutrition that keeps a well fed halibut happy. Halibut fishing this summer has been very good. The halibut are thick and strong, indicating an ocean brimming with food. Techniques for success One of our goals at North Pacific Saltwater is to help you catch halibut. These large flatfish, which can easily exceed 50 pounds, are opportunistic feeders. They will eat all manner of bait, and respond very favorably to lures that are jigged up and down in their vicinity. Once hooked, a halibut will pull surprisingly hard. In [Read More]

Sitka Alaska Fishing Charters

July 12, 2023|

Sitka Alaska fishing charters are special opportunities to catch a wide range of hard-fighting Alaska saltwater game fish. These species include halibut, lingcod, multiple kinds of rockfish, silver salmon, king salmon and black cod. Not only are these fish species all unique and great fun to catch, but each is delicious to eat, and the spectrum of species provides a wide range of options for those with a culinary inclination. Sitka's Location Sitka Alaska fishing charters are among the best places in Alaska to intercept salmon species. Because of Sitka’s location, centrally located on the Southeast Panhandle, on the outside coast, Sitka is in prime position to reach pass by [Read More]

Alaska Charter Fishing

May 9, 2023|

Alaska charter fishing in Sitka Alaska with NPS Charters is more than just a trip into the fertile salt waters to target multiple species of hard fighting and great tasting fish. Captain Jon Martin was raised in Sitka and lives there year-round with his wife and daughters. When he’s not guiding anglers on saltwater charters, he’s a hunting guide and biology professor at the University of Alaska. Jon loves the outdoor lifestyle and his deep knowledge base of the area and passion to share it with others makes him a fun and interesting guy to fish with. An Experienced Captain Catching fish is what it’s all about, and Captain Jon [Read More]

Alaska Fishing Trip 2023

April 13, 2023|

Your Alaska fishing trip 2023 starts by making a plan on where to fish. From there, determining when to make the trip revolves around a number of factors. Run timing and personal scheduling issues are typically the leading concerns, followed by availability at the location you want to visit. Prime dates fill up fast at successful lodges, so the time to secure dates for a 2023 trip is now. At North Pacific Saltwater, we can provide a high-quality angling adventure for many of Alaska’s sought after saltwater species. These include king and coho salmon, in addition to halibut, lingcod and rockfish. While halibut, lingcod and rockfish are available most of [Read More]

Sitka fishing report

December 8, 2022|

Sitka Fishing Report: 2022 by Jon Martin Our season began a little early in 2022 as I hung up my rifle to focus more on chasing fish rather than spring bears. As usual, the month of May stood out both in terms of great weather and opportunity. King salmon showed up in force with sizes averaging 12 to 14 pounds, fairly typical for this month. The fish seemed to be a bit deeper and a tad more dispersed, which made mooching these beautiful fish up more challenging. We did a fair amount of trolling tight along kelp beds in May using small dodger flashers and AP tackle spoons. This proved [Read More]

Sitka charter fishing

April 27, 2022|

Sitka charter fishing trips are multi-species events filled with action, adventure and opportunities to bring home hero-photos and plenty of delicious, healthy, high-quality fish fillets. Sitka, Alaska, located on the outer edge of Baranof Island, is well-positioned for easy and fast access to the open waters of the North Pacific. The fertile saltwater fishing grounds are filled with resident bottomfish species and the centralized location in Southeast Alaska puts Sitka in position for anglers to target passing salmon stocks on their migration to natal waters.  Sitka charter trips based with North Pacific Saltwater are excellent opportunities to not only catch many species of fish but to also learn about the [Read More]

This blog is a collection of Sitka, Alaska area information, fishing stories, observations and inspirations from the captain and crew of North Pacific Saltwater. Topics will range from area geography and history, the local culture and community, fishing tales, techniques, gear reviews, seafood recipes and a whole lot more.

North Pacific Saltwater is owned by Captain Jon Martin who is a full time fishing charter captain, hunting guide and college professor. Jon Martin is a pleasure to be around with a positive attitude and a load of outdoor knowledge. Learn more about our area fishing by staying in touch with us on social media. It’s the easiest way to learn of our latest blog post. Check back here often and please share our blog with your friends and family.

We have a lot of knowledge to share and we will add it here as often as time allows. This is our place to showcase the beauty of Alaska from our perspective. Join our family as we contribute to your understanding of Sitka, Alaska in our eyes. If there is anything you would like to know about the area and fishing, shoot us an email and we’ll happily cover it.

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