Sitka sits perched on Baranof Island, on the western edge, midway up this island in southeast Alaska.

The ABC’s, a trio of islands that includes Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof, are well known by the seasoned Alaskan traveler for being rich in bears, fish, forest and scenery. Nestled within the Tongass National Forest, visitors are treated to landscapes filled with timber, wildlife, mountains that jut out of the sea, and perhaps of paramount importance in this purview, fish. 

Anglers departing from the harbor can head through Sitka Sound and quickly find themselves in the open water of the Gulf of Alaska within the Pacific Ocean. This places this seaside port in prime position for enterprising anglers to intercept various salmon stocks, both migrating through the region and those bound for natal streams throughout southeast Alaska. It also allows these same anglers to connect with halibut, lingcod, rockfish and cod, all sport fish found in abundance near Sitka.

When you fish with North Pacific Saltwater, our experienced team will not only put you on the fish, but point out landmarks of interest, as well as help you witness a variety of marine mammals in their native habitat. Sea lions, whales, porpoise, orca, and sea otter can all be seen in the area waters. Among other birds in the region, bald eagles are a common sighting.

For those with interest in wildlife, Sitka boasts fascinating locations like the Alaska Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear, and the Sitka Sound Science Center. From eagles to bears to the ecosystems of coastal Alaska, visitors can learn about local fauna and what we need to do to be better stewards to the land and its indigenous animals. Sitka is rich in culture, historic sites and museums, so there’s other things to do in addition to world-class fishing. 

Alaska Airlines provides jet service to Sitka, accessed through Seattle, Washington. This makes it easy to get to Sitka, as compared to other locations throughout Alaska. Sitka is a great location to come fishing because it’s quick to get to open water, has a multitude of species available, is rich in culture, and offers a range of amenities to the traveling angler.

Experience the amazing fishing and sights of Sitka with North Pacific Saltwater!