Sitka Alaska weather is congruent with southeast Alaska climate.

There’s plenty of rain and neither hot or cold temperatures as measured by Alaska-wide standards. In the summer months of May through August, average lows are about 40℉ and the average high is about 60℉.

Sitka Alaska weatherAnglers out on the saltwater can expect that it will feel colder than the ambient temperature. And considering that many will be coming from hot summer climates, Sitka, Alaska weather will feel even cooler. The ocean averages between 50- and 55℉ during the summer months, so this body of cold water adds to the chill factor. Our advice to you is to dress in layers. Synthetic and wool clothing work well, and layers can be added and removed as the temperature fluctuates. Rain is likely in Sitka, but the summer months offer the best chance at dry weather. Average rainfall is around 90 inches, with 4- to 6 inches per month in the summer. Regardless of the month, bring high-quality rain gear with you when you visit Sitka. 

Visitors can expect long summer days. While Sitka doesn’t boast 24 hours of daylight that some locations in northern Alaska present, daylight averages about 16.5 hours in the summer. Locals will gladly sacrifice less than 24 hours of daylight for the 7- to 8 hours of daylight they get in the winter. In far northern climates, the sun doesn’t rise for up to two months. 

Sitka Alaska weather

Wind is another factor in the Sitka, Alaska weather puzzle. Typically the summer months offer the least wind, with average daily readings under 10 mph. This is good since big wind days can make it challenging to fish, especially in open water.

Sitka, Alaska weather is much cooler than what most Americans face all summer. That makes Sitka a welcome place to visit when temperatures at home are threatening triple digits. Be prepared for cooler, wet weather by bringing layers and quality rain gear. If Mother Nature decides to bring you bluebird weather, you can always remove some layers and rain gear. In that case sunscreen and sun glasses are a good bet, as the long days and full sun can give you sunburn surprisingly quickly.