Your Alaska fishing trip 2023 starts by making a plan on where to fish. From there, determining when to make the trip revolves around a number of factors. Run timing and personal scheduling issues are typically the leading concerns, followed by availability at the location you want to visit. Prime dates fill up fast at successful lodges, so the time to secure dates for a 2023 trip is now.

At North Pacific Saltwater, we can provide a high-quality angling adventure for many of Alaska’s sought after saltwater species. These include king and coho salmon, in addition to halibut, lingcod and rockfish. While halibut, lingcod and rockfish are available most of the fishing season, migratory species like salmon have a more defined window when they are available.

Alaska fishing trip 2023When to Book

If your Alaska fishing trip 2023 is going to include angling for king salmon, then consider booking a trip in late May through early July. If coho are more your style, then push that trip into late July or August. Regardless of which window you choose, fishing is excellent near Sitka, and we certainly know how to put you on fish.

Targeting Species

Rockfish and lingcod populations around Sitka are healthy. Pelagic rockfish species like black rockfish are abundant and worth targeting. Limits are generous, and this species of fish makes for excellent table fare.

Lingcod, the largest member of the greenling family and not actually a cod, are another highly desirable fish to catch. They get large—50-pound specimens are not out of the question! Although they look like a sea monster and their gruesome visage evokes a grimace from a percentage of anglers, they produce exceptionally delicious, flaky white fillets. They will smash most anything shiny that gets in their vicinity. It’s not uncommon to catch one that hitchhikes to the surface on a rockfish. If you do catch one that grabs hold of a rockfish or another lingcod, we’ll take a few pics and let it go, as ADF&G rules dictate. If lingcod and rockfish are high on your list of target species, then May through August is right in the wheelhouse.

For many anglers who come to fish in the saltwater on their Alaska fishing trip 2023, halibut will be at the top of their list. Halibut fillets are mild, white and this flatfish is one of the best fish to eat in sea. They are abundant throughout Alaska and are usually targeted by just about every saltwater outfit in southcentral and southeast Alaska. Halibut are fun to catch and made up of about 75% muscle, so they fight hard. They readily eat jigs and bait, so anglers have a choice on how to fish.

If you want to make an Alaska fishing trip 2023 this summer, contact us today at North Pacific Saltwater and we’ll help you figure out the best time to come to Sitka.