Charter fishing Sitka, Alaska, is a wonderful opportunity to catch salmon and a wide array of bottomfish. And at North Pacific Saltwater, we know how to put you on the fish no matter the time of year. There’s no time like the present to book with us so you can get to Sitka and enjoy the bounty of fish both on the line and then throughout the year on your table.

Charter fishing Sitka AlaskaStarting in May, anglers who book a charter with us can target king salmon. Sitka is situated in a prime location where king salmon bound for natal streams throughout Alaska pass by our location. Additionally there are feeder kings present year-round in the area that grow larger eating the abundant baitfish —primarily herring and sand lance—that reside in the area. 

Anglers who arrive for charter fishing Sitka, Alaska in May can also begin to target halibut. Pacific halibut are the largest member of the flatfish family and can reach huge proportions. They are apex predators who travel distances in search of food, and are unfairly deemed as “sheets of plywood” when pulled up from the depth. Halibut are fun to catch, pull hard and are one of the very best tasting fish on the planet.

As the summer progresses, anglers bound for charter fishing Sitka, Alaska, also target lingcod and rockfish. Lingcod are the largest member of the greenling family, and although most people think they have a face that only a mother could love, we think they are amazing creatures. These toothy predators will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths, including rockfish and greenling, and while superficially they are a bit gruesome, they are also one of the tastiest fish swimming in Alaska’s cold waters. Book with us this summer and we’ll show you the power and fight of this species.

Rockfish come in over 30 species in Alaska and we catch several. Black rockfish are abundant throughout the state, are fun to catch on light tackle, and are also delicious on the plate. You’ll notice a theme here at North Pacific Saltwater, we love to catch fish, share the experience with our clients, and send them home with tasty fillets. It’s our goal to show you an exceptional time when you book with us for charter fishing Sitka, Alaska. 

One of the species that we target on our charter fishing Sitka, Alaska expeditions is sablefish. This deepwater species is one of the less common species targeted by anglers and also one of the tastiest. We’ll show you how to catch them when you book with us.

As summer progresses into fall, coho salmon begin to arrive. These fish average 8- to 12 pounds, and are an absolute blast to catch while mooching. Mooching is our thing, and we’ll show you how much fun it can be to catch coho salmon using this technique. Limits are liberal, so you’ll get a lot of chances to fight coho when the fish are in and you book with us for charter fishing Sitka, Alaska.

Make this the year you enjoy charter fishing Sitka, Alaska, when you book with us at North Pacific Saltwater.