Sitka charter fishingSitka charter fishing trips are multi-species events filled with action, adventure and opportunities to bring home hero-photos and plenty of delicious, healthy, high-quality fish fillets. Sitka, Alaska, located on the outer edge of Baranof Island, is well-positioned for easy and fast access to the open waters of the North Pacific. The fertile saltwater fishing grounds are filled with resident bottomfish species and the centralized location in Southeast Alaska puts Sitka in position for anglers to target passing salmon stocks on their migration to natal waters. 

Sitka charter trips based with North Pacific Saltwater are excellent opportunities to not only catch many species of fish but to also learn about the area, wildlife, geographic highlights and fisheries. Captain Jon Martin is a long-time angler, charter captain and is an Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Alaska Southeast. This makes Captain Jon especially suited as a Sitka wildlife ambassador, and his local knowledge adds another element to Sitka fishing trips.

sitka charter fishingMooching for salmon is among the favorite ways that Captain Jon seeks to target coho and Chinook. It’s extremely fun to hold the rod and feel a powerful salmon grab hold of your lure or bait. Jon will teach you how to be effective at the technique. You’ll be hooked when a big, bright, aggressive salmon eats your offering and bends the rod to the cork. 

Halibut, lingcod and black rockfish are all common species targeted by Sitka charter anglers. North Pacific Saltwater knows how, where and when to target these different species. Each species can be targeted in multiple ways, and North Pacific Saltwater can help you master these techniques.

A special treat on Sitka charter trips with North Pacific Saltwater is the chance to target black cod, also known as sablefish. This species of fish is wonderful on the table, and is rarely targeted by sport anglers in Alaska. Black cod live in deep water, so the weather, tides and time of year play a combined factor in being able to target them. Captain Jon has this fishery dialed in, and will get you the chance to catch black cod when the factors align. 

Sitka charter trips with North Pacific Saltwater have plenty to offer. First and foremost, you can expect  an interesting day spent with a local wildlife expert. When the fish gods smile upon you, your day will also be spent reeling in multiple species of fish that come in all shapes and sizes. What unifies them all is the fact that each is delicious on the table, all are fun to catch, and make for incredible photos and memories to last a lifetime.