Sitka Alaska fishing charters are special opportunities to catch a wide range of hard-fighting Alaska saltwater game fish. These species include halibut, lingcod, multiple kinds of rockfish, silver salmon, king salmon and black cod. Not only are these fish species all unique and great fun to catch, but each is delicious to eat, and the spectrum of species provides a wide range of options for those with a culinary inclination.

Sitka’s Location

Sitka Alaska fishing charters are among the best places in Alaska to intercept salmon species. Because of Sitka’s location, centrally located on the Southeast Panhandle, on the outside coast, Sitka is in prime position to reach pass by salmon stocks whose natal waters are in other rivers in Alaska, as well as Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada. Another benefit of Sitka’s location is that sportfishing anglers don’t have to make a long boat ride to get to open water, which is often the case in many other saltwater ports, particularly in southcentral Alaska.

Cooking your catch

Sitka Alaska fishing charters are often very productive and allow you to bring home fish to eat for the rest of the year. With so much good fish to eat, it pays to find different recipes to use to turn that high-quality, super-healthy seafood into a scrumptious meal. There are endless resources out there; consider some of the recipes from our partners at Fish Alaska magazine. They have published many recipes for cooking a wide range of seafood over the last two decades and offer a large number of recipes here.

Sitka Alaska fishing charters

North Pacific Saltwater

When you choose North Pacific Saltwater for your charter trip out of all the Sitka Alaska fishing charters, then you are also getting the benefit of Captain Jon Martin’s expertise. With a life spent fishing the waters around Sitka, Captain Jon is a wealth of knowledge on the different fish species and how to catch them. Additionally, he’s a biology professor at UAS, which further increases his knowledge base of the local flora and fauna. This makes trips with Jon an interesting and fun experience.

Experienced Captain

Captain Jon Martin is a family man, and lives year-round in Sitka with his wife and daughters. He is a highly skilled angler who cares for the resource and acts as with stewardship to protect these renewable resources. One of the fisheries that Captain Jon targets is black cod. These fish live in deep water, in depths from 600- to 2400 feet, and there’s not a lot of charter outfits in Alaska that target this absolutely delicious species.

Explore Sitka

When you aren’t busy catching fish aboard the Pole Position, Captain Jon Martin’s 32-foot Almar which provides a seaworthy platform for Sitka Alaska fishing charters, then exploring Sitka is an excellent option. Packed with museums, cultural destinations, locations of historical importance, gift shops and restaurants, Sitka is both fisherman and tourist friendly.

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