Sitka Alaska halibut fishing is fun, productive, and predictable. The saltwater around Sitka holds baitfish, salmon, greenling, cod, etc….much of the nutrition that keeps a well fed halibut happy. Halibut fishing this summer has been very good. The halibut are thick and strong, indicating an ocean brimming with food.

Sitka Alaska halibut fishing

Sitka Alaska halibut fishing

Techniques for success

One of our goals at North Pacific Saltwater is to help you catch halibut. These large flatfish, which can easily exceed 50 pounds, are opportunistic feeders. They will eat all manner of bait, and respond very favorably to lures that are jigged up and down in their vicinity. Once hooked, a halibut will pull surprisingly hard. In order to bring the fish to the surface with the least amount of resistance, pull smoothly and gently while reeling. When Sitka Alaska halibut fishing, slow steady pressure on the fish brings it to the surface more easily than trying to reel it up fast.

Captain Jon Martin has been fishing the Sitka area for his entire life, therefore he’s a veteran halibut skipper and will put you on this tasty bottomfish. He’s very knowledgeable on all the species you will be targeting. Including lingcod, king and coho salmon, rockfish and black cod. Captain Jon is one of a small number of charters in Alaska that targets black cod (AKA sablefish). These absolutely delicious bottomfish live at great depths and require electric reels and specific gear to catch them.

Sitka Alaska Halibut fishing

Take fresh Alaska fish home

When you plan a Sitka Alaska halibut fishing trip, you’ll get the chance to bring fish home to enjoy for many future meals to come. Each of the species we target is delicious in its own right. Alaska seafood is some of the best in the world. Catching wild Alaska fish and enjoy it at home is a special benefit.

Get Hooked up with North Pacific Saltwater

If you come fish with North Pacific Saltwater in May, June and into July, then king salmon angling will be on the menu. King salmon stocks from the West Coast pass by Sitka on their way north and south. The salmon are either in search of food or migrating to their natal rivers. Once August rolls around, there may be kings still around, but silver salmon become the main attraction. It’s very possible to catch halibut and salmon in the same trip and Captain Jon knows how to get it done.

If bottomfish are on your list, then consider a Sitka Alaska halibut fishing trip with North Pacific Saltwater and Captain Jon Martin. Submit our inquiry form or call us at 907-738-3017 today to get 2024 dates booked!